Wouldn't it be great to win the lottery? All you have to do is buy a ticket. But what is the likelihood that your ticket will be drawn? The probability will tell you.

The probability of winning a lottery game depends on the type of game. In a 3 digit lottery game, where the object is to pick the correct number from 000 to 999, your chances of winning are 1:1000.
Most games like this numbered balls from 0 to 9. There are 3 sets of balls from which the numbers are drawn.

The probability for one specific ball being selected is 1:10. Because there are 3 numbers to be chosen, 3 different selections from the10 balls must be made. The probability of any 3 digit number being selected is the product of the 3 ratios.



By boxing a number(choosing any combination of the 3 digits) the probability of winning increases.
A number like 232 can create these combinations



How many combinations of the number 456 can be made?

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 writing: Kirsten Anderson/mC

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